Thank you for answering a few questions about your
business. Based on your responses, we believe you need the
following coverages to protect your business.

Insurance type Description Limit
Property Commercial property insurance is a form of insurance that protects the property owned by your not-for-profit – your building, equipment, store fixtures, and more. It pays to replace or restore stolen items and items damaged or destroyed by fires, windstorms, and other events. {property_value}
General Liability General liability insurance protects you and your business from “general” claims involving bodily injuries and property damage to others. Almost every not-for-profit has a need for general liability insurance. $1,000,000
Cyber Liability Cyber liability insurance covers the cost for a business to recover from a data breach, virus, or other cyberattack. It also covers legal claims resulting from the breach. Any business that stores sensitive data in the cloud or on an electronic device should have cyber liability insurance. At least $50,000
Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance If volunteers use their own cars on your behalf, hired and non-owned auto insurance covers expenses triggered by accidents involving hired (e.g. rental cars) or borrowed vehicles (e.g. employee-owned or volunteer-driven) for the purposes of the not-for-profit. $1,000,000
Excess/Umbrella Liability Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that can be indispensable when you find yourself liable for a large claim. Umbrella insurance even covers certain liability claims that your other policies may not, such as libel, slander, and false imprisonment. At least {umbrella_liability}


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